The Making Of Kiana Madeira: Supportive Parents Signed Her Up To A Small Agency At A Young Age

Kiana Madeira's obsession with movies started at a young age.

Toronto, Canada: At age 5, Kiana Madeira started dreaming about playing in the movies and was lucky to have supportive parents.

Madeira is thankful to her parents, who saw her passion and let her do what she wanted.

Helping her to be on the right trajectory, Kiana’s parents signed her up with a small agency in Toronto when she was just 10. Then, she auditioned for small commercials and stuff.

Eventually, at 14, she signed up with a bigger agency and started auditioning for bigger projects.

Kiana later moved to the US and started working with her US agent, and the rest is all known.

Key Takeaways

  • Kiana Madeira’s father gave her some valuable advice that she always embraces.
  • Madeira’s parents did something on her wedding night.

Kiana’s Father Wanted To Be An Actor

Kiana Alexa Madeira was born to her Portuguese father and Black-Canadian mother on November 4, 1992.

During one of her interviews, the 31-year-old actress shared that her father, Johnny, had that dream to become an actor.

Johnny couldn’t fulfill his dream, but he ensured his daughter got what she had dreamt.

Moreover, when Kiana was young, her father gave her valuable advice, which she carries with her throughout all aspects of the industry.

Always hang up your wardrobe clothes.


The Perfect Addiction actress also added that she wanted to challenge herself and play feminine roles.

Madeira said,

“I’ve noticed that I’ve played a lot of characters who lean to the more masculine side….. So now, I’m challenging myself to play characters where I take more from my mom as opposed to my dad.”

Kiana Madeira

Kiana’s Parents Made Her Wedding Night Even More Special

Kiana and her husband, a fellow actor, Lovell Adams-Gray, wed in September 2023 at Casa Loma in front of 200 guests.

They exchanged vows after more than three years of engagement. They exchanged rings in February 2020.

Following the beautiful wedding ceremony, everyone settled into the tented reception area.

Everyone started dancing right after the salads were served, and they danced all night long. It was a night full of memories to cherish; one particular moment holds a special place in her heart, besides, of course, the wedding.

Madeira’s brother Nikane free-styled two songs, and her parents sang along.

[It] was a special moment that will be remembered forever.

In Case You Didn’t Know

  • Kiana Madeira wants to play a mom on screen someday.
  • Madeira’s favorite horror movie is “Get Out!.”


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