The Moment ”WikiLeaks” Founder Julian Assange Landed In His Home Country, Australia; His Family Members Breathed The Air Of Relief

''We Steal Secrets (2013),'' and ''The Trust Fall (2023)'' are documentary series based on the real-life incidents of Julian Assange.

Australian editor, publisher, and activist Julian Assange is a computer programmer who founded ”WikiLeaks,” a media organization, in 2006.

On 30 June 2023, Stella Assange and her two children, Max and Gabriel, were granted a private audience with Pope Francis at the Vatican City in a Catholic church.

However, whether she holds Catholic or Christian beliefs is not yet confirmed.

Julian Assange married Stella Assange, a Swedish-Spanish lawyer when he was incarcerated in London’s Belmarsh prison in 2022. However, the couple began their relationship in 2015.

“We Steal Secrets” and “The Trust Fall” are documentary series based on real-life incidents involving Julian Assange, who has always believed in “freedom of speech” in journalism.

The former was released on June 12, 2013 (Sydney Film Festival). It entails the creation of Julian Assange’s controversial website, Wikileaks, which facilitated the largest security breach in the USA’s history.

Meanwhile, the latter was a recently released documentary (on March 13, 2024, in Australia), examines the meaning and significance of the insights that WikiLeaks shared with the world, the resulting behavior of the governments involved, the extraordinary personal risk taken by Assange, and the wider fundamental issues around press freedom.

After watching these documentaries, viewers will embark on a journey of comprehending the unprecedented international political circumstances surrounding Julian Assange after publishing thousands of confidential documents.

Julian Assange Is Finally A Free Man

In 2010, ”Wikileaks” released a video from a US military helicopter that showed civilians being kill*d in Baghdad, the capital city of Iraq, mercilessly.

Besides, ”Wikileaks” published thousands of confidential documents supplied by former US Army intelligence analyst Chelsea Manning that suggested the US military had killed hundreds of civilians in unreported incidents during the war in Afghanistan.

These revelations became a grandiose story that prompted reactions from around the globe against the USA, leading to intense scrutiny of American involvement in foreign conflicts.

The USA said the leaked confidential information had put the lives of American personnel under threat.

Consequently, Assange was accused of conspiring to break into its military databases to acquire sensitive information and was charged with 18 offenses.

For his defense, he argued that he exposed serious abuses by US armed forces and the case against him was politically motivated.

Julian Assange, 52, ended his 14-year-old legal battle and landed in Canberra, Australia, on Wednesday evening, June 26.

His return became possible after a US court in Saipan agreed to release him under a plea deal, while Assange pleaded guilty in court and admitted to obtaining and publishing US military secrets.

Julian was sentenced by the court in Saipan to five years and two months.

However, he spent more time in prison in Britain, fighting his extradition to the USA, so District Judge Ramona Manglona said Assange was free to go.

“With this ruling, it appears that you can leave this courtroom as a free man,” the judge said on Wednesday.

Disrict Judge Ramona Manglona

At 4:19 PM on June 26, 2024, Stella Assange tweeted on her official Twitter account with the one-word caption ”Home” right after Julian landed in Australia. Stella has been fighting to free her husband for a very long time.

Assange’s father, John Shipton, was content and felt relief on Wednesday after a decade-long campaign to free his son.

In Case You Didn’t Know

  • “WikiLeaks” promotes the ideal of “scientific journalism” – where the underlying evidence of all articles is available to the reader.


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