‘The Regime’ Star Matthias Schoenaerts Is Not Married But Has Had Several Girlfriends

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The Belgian actor Matthias Schoenaerts features along with Kate Winslet in the 2024 HBO miniseries The Regime.

In the series, Chancellor Elena, played by Kate, turns on her loyal right-hand man, calling him a “butcher” and cruelly teasing him sexually.

In one of the scenes of the fourth Episode, Zubak and Elena rip off each other’s clothes in an animalistic display of passion.

This animalism makes sense because Zubak loves Elena, and he probably always wanted to have this intimacy with her.

However, the Chancellor ultimately chooses power over love. Elena takes Emil Bartos’s offer and sacrifices Zubak in the process. A failed romance for Matthias’ character Zubak.

Furthermore, when it comes to relationships, Matthias has had similar experiences outside of the film.

Key Takeaways

  • Matthias Schoenaerts was in a serious relationship with a Belgian attorney.
  • He and Pia Miller hinted at their potential linkup in 2019.

Matthias Dated A Lawyer From 2010 To 2015

The Rust and Bone actor was in a relationship with Alexandra Schouteden, a Belgian attorney.

Their relationship reportedly began around 2010 and endured until 2015.

Throughout this period, the couple was seen together at movie premieres, and Schoenaerts had settled down with his then-girlfriend and their two kittens in Antwerp.

Regarding Alexandra, she is self-employed through her company, Happy Helio.

Previously, she held an associate position at Independent Iodine Company and also worked at Van Steenbrugge Advocaten from November 2017 to May 2021.

The Belgian Actor Was Rumored To Have Dated An Australian Model

In 2019, Matthias and Pia Miller engaged in a series of flirtatious exchanges on social media, sparking speculation among their fans regarding a potential romance.

Their interactions on social media strongly hinted at a budding relationship, although neither of them officially confirmed it.

In one of Pia’s posts, where she was pictured jumping into a lake, Matthias left a comment: “Coming Sooooonnnn.”

Likewise, the Chilean-born Australian model wasn’t hesitant to express her feelings and frequently commented on Matthias’s posts.

However, their relationship did not make any highlights or go further than these social media engagements.

Just prior to this connection, Pia had ended her engagement with Tyson and had unfollowed him on Instagram. Their relationship began in 2015, coinciding with the time when Matthias was dating Alexandra.

At present, Pia is married to multi-millionaire husband Patrick Whitesell. She was previously married to Brad Miller, with whom she shares a son, Lennox.

Pia has another son, Isaiah, whom she conceived at 19 during her relationship with her then-boyfriend.


Where Does Matthias Schoenaerts Live?

Matthias lives in Antwerp, Belgium, where he was born.

What Is The Relationship Between Matthias Schoenaerts And Kate Winslet?

Matthias and Kate are co-actors who star in the HBO TV miniseries, The Regime. They have also previously worked in a romantic drama, A Little Chaos.


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