Top 10 Kamar De Los Reyes Movies And TV Shows

The Puerto Rican actor left an indelible mark through his impressive work spanning over three decades in film and television.

The entertainment world lost a shining talent when Kamar de los Reyes Palau passed away on December 24, 2023, at 56.

This Puerto Rican actor left an indelible mark through his impressive work spanning over three decades in film and television.

As a fan, I wanted to pay tribute to his incredible work by highlighting my 10 favorite movies and TV shows he appeared in over his illustrious career.

10. Salt (Film)

Release Date2010
DirectorPhillip Noyce
StarsAngelina Jolie, Liev Schreiber, Chiwetel Ejiofor
GenreAction, Thriller
Awards4 Wins & 16 Nominations

Salt is a gripping 2010 action thriller directed by Phillip Noyce.

While initially conceived as a vehicle for Tom Cruise, Kurt Wimmer’s script was substantially reworked by Brian Helgeland to make Angelina Jolie the lead.

Jolie stars as Evelyn Salt, a fiercely dedicated CIA officer who has sworn allegiance to serve her country.

However, Salt’s world is turned upside down when a Russian defector fingers her as a ruthless sleeper spy brainwashed from childhood.

Denied by the agency, Salt must go on the run, hunted by her former colleagues.

In a desperate bid to prove her innocence, Salt unleashes her full arsenal of lethal skills honed over years of intensive training.

But the more she tries to clear her name, the more damning evidence seems to mount against her.

Viewers are left guessing – is Salt truly a rogue operative with a deep duplicitous streak or an exceptionally capable agent wrongly accused?

Adding to the high-stakes tension is Kamar de los Reyes in the role of an uncompromising Secret Service agent relentlessly pursuing Salt.

His formidable screen presence made him the perfect adversary for Jolie’s embattled heroine.

De los Reyes brought grit and intensity to the cat-and-mouse action sequences as Salt employed every trick to evade his grasp.

Salt was a critical and commercial hit, praised for its thrilling pace, fight choreography, and Jolie’s committed performance.

De los Reyes’ turn as the steely federal agent in pursuit was an undeniable highlight amid the spying thrills.

9. The Cell (Film)

Release Date2000
DirectorTarsem Singh
StarsJennifer LopezVince VaughnVincent D’Onofrio
GenreCrime, Horror, Sci-Fi
Awards9 Wins & 29 Nominations

The Cell, the 2000 directorial debut of visionary filmmaker Tarsem Singh, is a daring and disturbing science fiction psychological thriller that burrows deep into the twisted mind of a depraved serial killer.

When an enigmatic madman kidnaps and imprisons his latest victim in a horrific customized torture chamber, the race is on to locate her before it’s too late.

The only clue lies within the killer’s own deranged subconscious fantasies.

Enter Catherine Deane (Jennifer Lopez), a brilliant psychotherapist experimenting with revolutionary new technology that allows her to enter and explore the uncharted breaks of her patients’ unconscious minds.

Deane must psychically link with the murderer’s hideous alternate reality – a vividly realized hellscape that blends the beautiful and the profane into a surreal, deeply unsettling mindscape.

As she guides Deane through this nightmarish maze filled with symbolic imagery and existential horrors, her team, including Kamar de los Reyes as the determined Officer Alexander, aids her.

While visually dazzling with its advanced production design, haunting makeup effects, and lush cinematography, The Cell also boasts an unnervingly committed performance by Vincent D’Onofrio as the killer.

His ability to act extreme hate while trapped in an unconscious dream state is genuinely unnerving.

The film sharply divided critics – some praised its daring originality and striking visuals, while others felt it sacrificed substance for empty style and gratuitous brutality.

Regardless, The Cell exemplified bold, boundary-pushing horror/sci-fi, with de los Reyes providing crucial support as the grounded voice of reality amid the surreal psychodrama.

8. Promised Land (TV Series)

Release Date1996
CreatorMartha Williamson
StarsGerald McRaney, Wendy Phillips, Austin O’Brien
Awards13 Wins & 9 Nominations

Promised Land is a heartwarming drama series that aired on CBS from 1996 to 1999. It was a spin-off from the hit show Touched by an Angel.

The series follows the Greene family as they embark on an unconventional journey of faith and compassion across America.

After family patriarch Russell (Gerald McRaney) unexpectedly loses his job, the family decides to leave their materialistic suburb life.

Piling into an Airstream trailer, Russell, his wife Wendy, children Josh and Dinah, nephew Nathaniel, and mother Hattie hit the open road with the mission: “We’re all on this road together.”

Their spiritual quest is to redefine the American Dream by helping those in need, one town at a time.

In each new place they stop, the Greenes find short-term work to sustain themselves while immersing in the local community.

Invariably, they cross paths with residents facing crises – be it poverty, addiction, abuse, or just a general loss of hope.

The family guides these lost souls toward redemption with generous hearts and empathetic wisdom.

In season 3, Kamar de los Reyes joined the cast in a recurring role as Leon Flores.

Though his stint was brief, he made a memorable impact as a charming drifter who the Greenes take in.

Despite his playful exterior, Leon’s innate decency and desire to get his life on track shines through in de los Reyes’ soulful performance.

His character’s uplifting arc exemplified the show’s message about the transformative power of compassion.

Promised Land was a refreshingly earnest and uplifting drama in an era of cynical television.

De los Reyes added authenticity and depth to the series’ simple yet powerful premise of human connections and paying it forward kindness.

7. The Passage (TV Series)

Release Date2019
CreatorLiz Heldens
StarsMark-Paul Gosselaar, Saniyya Sidney, Jamie McShane
GenreAction, Adventure, Drama

The Passage is a gripping apocalyptic thriller series that aired in 2019. It adapts Justin Cronin’s popular novel trilogy of the same name.

At its core is Project Noah, a secret medical facility where scientists play a dangerous game – attempting to engineer a virus that could potentially cure all diseases but also harbor the power to decimate the human race if it escapes containment.

When the experimental virus is tested on death row inmate Shauna Babcock and former scientist Tim Fanning, the results are nothing short of explosive.

They are transformed into the first of a new race of beings – virally enhanced humans with unnatural strength, ferocity, and a thirst for violence.

As Project Noah rushes to reverse the effects, a young orphan named Amy Bellafonte is targeted as the key to unlocking a possible cure.

Federal agent Brad Wolgast, played by Mark-Paul Gosselaar, is tasked with bringing Amy in for testing.

But when he learns of the horrific plans for the young girl, his paternal instincts kick in.

Brad goes rogue, determined to protect Amy at all costs and expose the shadowy government conspirators operating Project Noah, like the steely Major Nichole Sykes and Brad’s ruthless ex-CIA mentor Clark Richards.

Caught in the crossfire is Kamar de los Reyes, the recurring character of Julio Martinez.

As one of the facility’s senior security personnel, Julio initially follows orders to track the escaped Brad and Amy.

But as he witnesses firsthand the viral abominations emerging, he begins to question his allegiances in a world curling toward potential extinction.

De los Reyes brought a grounded intensity and simmering moral conflict to Julio.

His arc displayed the series’ exploration of how far people will go to survive during an apocalyptic viral threat—both for themselves and to protect innocent people like Amy.

6. The Rookie (TV Series)

Release Date2018
CreatorAlexi Hawley
StarsNathan Fillion, Alyssa Diaz, Richard T. Jones
GenreAction, Crime, Drama
Awards2 Wins & 3 Nominations

The Rookie is an inspiring and adrenaline-fueled police drama that follows the unlikely journey of John Nolan (Nathan Fillion), a 45-year-old divorcee who impulsively upends his safe but stagnant life to pursue his true calling – becoming an LAPD officer.

After heroically assisting police during a harrowing bank robbery, Nolan gains insight—it’s never too late to redefine yourself.

He moves from small-town Pennsylvania to the mean streets of Los Angeles, becoming the LAPD’s oldest rookie.

Despite his age and life experience, Nolan finds himself the perpetual new guy desperately fighting to prove his worth among the alpha personalities and streetwise officers who look skeptically at his unconventional path.

On the job, Nolan confronts a steep learning curve of life-or-death situations – from domestic disputes to convenience store hold-ups to the city’s grimmer underworld dealings.

His determination is constantly tested, but so are his principles, as he confronts the moral shades of grey that come with wearing the badge.

Helping guide Nolan through these harsh realities is Kamar de los Reyes as the recurring character Ryan Caradine, a seasoned patrol officer who takes the older rookie under his wing, although reluctant at first.

Skeptical of Nolan’s motivations, Caradine’s crusty exterior misrepresents a fierce dedication to the job and his colleagues’ lives.

De los Reyes implanted Caradine with world-weary integrity, mentoring Nolan with a mix of tough love and hard-earned wisdom about the sacrifices required in their challenging line of work.

Their multigenerational partnership added grit and heart to The Rookie’s radical premise of following one man’s against-the-odds bid to realize his true calling, no matter how late the hour.

5. Nixon (Movie)

Release Date1995
DirectorOliver Stone
StarsAnthony Hopkins, Joan Allen, Powers Boothe
GenreBiography, Drama, History
Awards11 Wins & 18 Nominations

Oliver Stone’s 1995 epic Nixon is a daring and unconventional look at the complex life and legacy of the 37th President of the United States.

Anchored by Anthony Hopkins’ towering, Oscar-nominated performance, the sweeping biographical drama pulled no punches in its uncompromising examination of Richard Nixon’s tumultuous rise and cataclysmic fall from power.

Employing Stone’s trademark nonlinear narrative structure, the film drifts through decades to paint an intimate portrait of the man behind the public persona.

We witnessed Nixon’s humble beginnings as the son of stern Quaker parents, his courtship of his devoted wife Pat (played by Joan Allen), his early political plots as an anti-communist fanatic, and his relentless pursuit of the presidency through a cutthroat political career.

While many actors populated the large supporting cast, one performer left an indelible mark – Kamar de los Reyes as Eugenio Martinez.

Though a relatively minor role, de los Reyes brought incredible refinement and authenticity to his portrayal of one of Nixon’s inner circle members.

Martinez was a loyal aide swept up in the tsunami of the Watergate scandal that ultimately brought down the disgraced President.

As evidence of Nixon’s criminal coverup mounted, de los Reyes perfectly captured his character’s escalating regret and moral conflict over his complicity in destroying the nation in turmoil.

In climactic scenes, as the loop tightened around Nixon’s associates, de los Reyes implanted Martinez with simmering grief over the person he had become – punctuated by haunting silences that spoke louder than words of the heavy toll Watergate took.

It was a masterclass in understated scene-stealing from the veteran character actor.

Amid an ensemble of powerhouse performers, de los Reyes stood out by illuminating the very human cost of Nixon’s tragic opera of ambition, paranoia, and abuses of power.

His work was a key part of the film’s intricate narrative.

4. Valley of the Dolls (TV Series)

Release Date1994
CreatorBill La Mond, Jo La Mond
StarsSally Kirkland, Colleen Morris, Melissa De Sousa

In the 1960s, ambition and success could easily become an infernal bargain.

This was the alluring yet cautionary premise of the Valley of the Dolls TV series, which aired for one sensational season in 1994.

Based on the classic novel by Jacqueline Susann, the primetime soap followed the intertwining stories of three young female strivers – Anne Welles, an aspiring actress; Neely O’Hara, a triple-threat singer/dancer/actress; and Jennifer North, a showgirl with her sights set on stardom.

United in their desperation to make it big, this trio would go to any lengths to chase their Hollywood dreams.

As they quickly discovered, in Tinseltown’s cutthroat arena of deal-making, deception, and ego-stroking, ethical compromises were the price of admission.

Neely’s raging ambition transforms her from a wide-eyed ingenue into a diva hooked on uppers and male attention.

Jennifer’s path leads her into a web of wretched affairs and drug abuse.

Even the idealistic Anne finds herself compromising her values.

Amidst this hothouse of talent, beauty, and broken circle, predatory men like Kamar de los Reyes as Ray Araia.

Though the specific details are hazy over two decades later, de los Reyes made an indelible impression as this sleazy Hollywood power player.

3. One Life to Live (TV Series)

Release Date1968
CreatorAgnes Nixon
StarsErika Slezak, Michael Storm, Michael Easton
GenreDrama, Romance
Awards95 Wins & 424 Nominations

For over four decades, the fictitious town of Llanview, Pennsylvania, captivated soap fans with its rich history of secrets, scandals, and melodrama on ABC’s One Life to Live.

Beneath the inhabiting front simmered an intoxicating stew of family tensions, forbidden romances, and criminal undercurrents.

At the turbulent center were Llanview’s elite dynasties – the wealthy lords, the powerful Publishing mogul Buchanans, and the fiery working-class Cramers.

Their constant power struggles, betrayals, and bed-hopping provided enough juicy plot twists to keep viewers hooked from 1968 until the show’s controversial cancellation in 2011.

When production company Prospect Park revived OLTL as an online series in 2013, they welcomed back many fan-favorite characters, including one particularly beloved Antonio Vega, played by Kamar de los Reyes, in a whopping 287 episodes over a decade-long run.

As the head of the Vega clan, Antonio personified the show’s signature duality of protagonists with virtuous motivations but morally grey methods.

An ex-con trying to go straight, he launched a security company that frequently blurred ethical lines between sanctioned criminality and crimes like theft and computer hacking.

But it was Antonio’s volcanic personal life that made him a true soap icon.

De los Reyes invested him with a brooding masculinity and moral fluidity that engaged viewers.

His rocky romantic resume included children with multiple women, a forbidden affair with his sister-in-law, faking his own death, and a gripping custody battle over his son.

Through it all, de los Reyes imbued Antonio with a relatable determination to muscle his way up Llanview’s social class to provide a better life for his family—no matter how many toes he stepped on.

It was a masterclass in alpha male vulnerability that turned lying and scheming into an art form.

For a full decade, de los Reyes’s electrifying work as the flawed but sympathetic Antonio Vega exemplified One Life to Live at its most addictively soapy.

His performance was a definitive standout in the series.

2. Sleepy Hollow (TV Series)

Release Date2013
CreatorPhillip Iscove, Alex Kurtzman, Roberto Orci
StarsTom Mison, Lyndie Greenwood, Nicole Beharie
GenreAction, Adventure, Crime
Awards34 Nominations

Sleepy Hollow is a bold, genre-blending series that imaginatively resurrects Washington Irving’s iconic legend for the modern age.

At its core is the unlikely partnership between Ichabod Crane (Tom Mison), a revolutionary war soldier supernaturally revived in the present day, and Lt. Abbie Mills (Nicole Beharie), a woman born into a lineage tasked with preventing the apocalypse.

Their mission? Stop the evil Headless Horseman, revealed to be one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse hell-bent on destroying the world.

Over three gripping seasons, Ichabod and Abbie delve deeper into an ancient battle between the forces of good and evil tied directly to the town’s cursed origins.

When the show entered its fourth and final season, the stakes were raised even higher with the arrival of a new major adversary – the enigmatic Jobe, played with sinister relish by Kamar de los Reyes.

Initially shrouded in mystery, Jobe was gradually unmasked as a powerful sorcerer and servant of the Devil himself.

De los Reyes imbued Jobe with a mesmerizing mix of dark whimsy and palpable menace.

With a mere glint in his eye or subtly arched eyebrow, he could shift from courtly courtesy to a heart-stopping embodiment of pure evil.

His snake-like charisma and ability to use mysterious incantations made him a formidable enemy who could slither into the heroes’ blind spots.

Perhaps Jobe’s most compelling quality was his seemingly genuine philosophy about mankind’s fallen nature.

De los Reyes imbued his monologues with a magnetic conviction that hinted at deeper truths beneath the character’s hellish motivations.

Each scene with Jobe crackled with an unpredictable sense of danger.

As the final battle reached its apocalyptic climax, de los Reyes brilliantly portrayed Jobe as a man – or demon – who relished witnessing the world’s undoing.

His performance was a master class in chilling villainy, adding delicious levels of murky moral complexity to Sleepy Hollow’s mythology.

1. All American (TV Series)

Release Date2018
CreatorApril Blair
StarsDaniel Ezra, Samantha Logan, Greta Onieogou
GenreDrama, Sport
Awards2 Wins & 8 Nominations

All American tackled the inspirational yet complicated journey of Spencer James, a gifted high school football star from South Central LA’s Crenshaw district recruited to play for the elite Beverly Hills High program.

As Spencer pursues his NFL dreams amid a clash of vastly different worlds, one authority figure emerges as his consummate mentor – Coach Billy Montes, played with fierce charisma by Kamar de los Reyes.

Initially introduced in season 4 as the hard-nosed head coach at Coastal California University, Montes’ uncompromising, tough love perfectly complements Spencer’s quiet determination.

De los Reyes infused the character with the gravelly voice and permanent game face of a lifer who had spent decades grinding out wins on football fields across the country.

But it was the layers de los Reyes brought to Montes that made him so compelling.

Beneath the whistle-blowing intensity was a keen understanding that his primary role was shaping young men, not just athletes.

With Spencer and his teammates, Montes served as a seasoned adviser on everything from work ethic and accountability to navigating personal pitfalls like arrogance and complacency.

Off the field, de los Reyes poignantly fleshed out Montes’ interior life as a devoted husband and father struggling with balancing professional goals against family needs.

In raw, emotional moments, we saw the conflict of a man whose single-minded coaching focus was both his greatest strength and glaring blind spot.

As Spencer grappled with racist injustice, parental abandonment, and economic inequities, de los Reyes ensured Montes was more than just a hard case.

The coach’s speeches took on a powerful civic voice championing young Black athletes and validating their experiences of systemic disadvantages.

De los Reyes’ fine, soulful work humanized what could have been a stock disciplinarian character.

S. NOTitles
1All American (TV Series)
2Sleepy Hollow (TV Series)
3One Life to Live (TV Series)
4Valley of the Dolls (TV Series)
5Nixon (Film)
6The Rookie (TV Series)
7The Passage (TV Series)
8Promised Land (TV Series)
9The Cell (Film)
10Salt (Film)


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