Trina Candaza’s Older Sister Assumed The Role Of Her Parents During Her Formative Years

Trina Candaza's parent's role was assumed by her big sister, who also paid for her education.

While growing up, Trina Candaza’s sister assumed the parents’ role by providing food for the family.

Trina Candaza first came into the limelight after being in a relationship with actor Carlo Aquino.

She has made headlines by sharing a picture of a bare wall after Charlie Dizon’s unexpected wedding.

Key Takeaways

  • Trina Candaza’s parent’s role was assumed by her big sister, who also paid for her education.
  • Trina has a daughter named Enola Mithi with her ex-boyfriend.
  • The talented model embraces her Asian heritage.

Trina was born in the Philippines on May 8, 1996. The talented model completed her education at the reputed Saint Francis of Assisi College.

Candaza was the middle child of her parents. She had one older sister and a younger brother.

She keeps details about her parents secret, but she did reveal a few details about her sister in an interview with Asianparent.

In that interview, she said her flight attendant sister was the family’s breadwinner and revealed that her sister also paid for her studies.

And guess what? Her sister was also the first person to whom she revealed the news of her pregnancy.

Trina Candaza Is Also A Mother

In January 2020, Trina Candaza and her ex-boyfriend Carlo Aquino confirmed they had a child together.

During those days, the couple took a trip to Japan for holidays.

From that moment on, they decided to document their pregnancy journey, including her journey from the first sonogram to the baby’s birth.

And when the day of the delivery finally arrived, she went into labor for almost 12 hours.

But even after being in labor for such long hours, she couldn’t deliver the baby, which is why they decided to go for a Cesarean section.

Finally, their daughter, Enola Mithi, was born on September 13, 2020.

Later, for the sake of her daughter, she decided to leave Carlo as well.

She believed that her daughter deserved a happy mother, and with Carlo, she wasn’t happy.

However, despite her breakup, she still allows her daughter to meet with her father.

With an aim to give her daughter a better life, she has opened several businesses, such as Eno Parfums, Damitan by Trina, and Lune Jewellaries.

The Filipino influencer manages her business and daughter perfectly.

Trina Candaza Is Of Asian Ethnicity

Trina is of Asian ethnicity, and like every other Asian household, she respects her elders the most.

In her vlogs, we can see her promoting Filipino culture, which has won the hearts of many fans.

In addition, she is raising her daughter with the teachings of her ancestors.

This proves how much she is connected to her roots.

In Case You Didn’t Know

  • Aquino and influencer and model Trina Candaza dated from January 2019 to December 2022.
  • The best online store in the Philippines consistently has a wide selection of Eno Parfums By Trina Candaza items available.


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