V. Stiviano’s Net Worth Is In Millions Even After Losing The Lawsuit

V. Stiviano's net worth is around $1.5 million, which she earned mainly by receiving gifts from Donald Sterling.

When V. Stiviano was involved with Donald Sterling, her net worth was above $4 million, but after the legal battle, it declined to $1.5 million.

Sterling and Stiviano met with each other during the Super Bowl party in 2010.

Key Takeaways

  • V. Stiviano’s net worth is around $1.5 million, which she earned mainly by receiving gifts from Donald Sterling.
  • Donald and Stiviano met with each other during the Super Bowl party, and then she landed a job as an archivist.
  • Stiviano had to pay around $2.6 million to Donald’s wife, Rochelle.

During those days, Sterling suffered from deadly Alzheimer’s disease, which made him forget things.

Which is why he decided to hire Stiviano as an archivist.

An archivist typically earns around $50 an hour. So, in four years of her working for Sterling, she might have made more than $500,000 in salary.

Furthermore, by 2011, she had already landed herself a position as Director at the Donald T. Sterling Charitable Foundation.

Judging by her position in the company, we can assume that she made a fortune in salary.

However, those weren’t the only things that contributed to her net worth.

Donald Sterling famously showered her with expensive gifts.

But she lost all of it because of a case brought by Donald Sterling’s wife, Rochelle Sterling.

Lawsuit Filed By Rochelle Sterling Heavily Impacted V. Stiviano’s Net Worth

After the leaked audiotape, Rochelle Sterling, wife of Donald Sterling, filed a lawsuit claiming her husband was scammed by Stiviano to receive money and gifts.

As per Mrs. Sterling, all of the gifts received by Stiviano were a part of community property.

According to the law, a spouse cannot gift community property to another person without their partner’s consent.

And, Mrs. Sterling didn’t have the knowledge about any gifts that Stiviano received.

On paper, the gifts Stiviano received were:

  1. 2012 Red Ferrari worth around $240,000.
  2. 2007 Bentley worth around $90,000.
  3. 2013 Range Rover worth around $70,000.
  4. 8437 West 4th Street apartment in Los Angeles worth $1,781,750.
  5. Cash Payments of around  $430,000.

Mrs. Sterling had no knowledge of Donald gifting this $2.6 million worth of stuff.

However, as per Stiviano, all the gifts she received came after the divorce news.

But the reality was Mrs. Sterling had only drafted the paper of divorce, she hadn’t filed it yet.

After all the fiasco, the court judged in favor of Mrs. Sterling.

And Stiviano had to return all of it.

Calculating The Net Worth Of V. Stiviano After Returning All Of Her Gifts

After returning all of her gifts, she had to let go of her living arrangements as well.

While moving out of the apartment, she was seen driving a dirty Hyundai Elantra.

The price has decreased to $6,000 at the current time.

After that, she disappeared from the limelight. Then, in 2018, TMZ spotted her outside Craig’s in West Hollywood.

This proved that she still resided in Hollywood.

But we haven’t seen her in any new things. How is she managing to fund her expensive Hollywood lifestyle?

It’s just our assumption, but we think she received more gifts from Donald than Mrs. Sterling stated.

And she is managing to get by with her day-to-day life with the help of those gifts.

Plus, she might also have investments that are helping her to survive.

So, after analyzing everything, we would like to conclude that her current net worth is around $1.5 million.

In Case You Didn’t Know

  • V. Stiviano’s ethnicity is mixed, as she is partly Mexican and partly black.
  • V. Stiviano and Donald Sterling have always denied their relationship.


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