Vanessa Kirby’s Role In Pieces of a Woman Sparked Rumors About Her Pregnancy

Although Vanessa Kirby has never given birth, there have been rumors of her being pregnant.

These rumors started during the shoot of one of her movies, Pieces of a Woman, where she portrays the character of a pregnant woman, Martha, who loses her baby.

While signing for this role, Kirby was afraid she would disappoint all the mothers as she had never given birth.

“I know nothing about giving birth. And I certainly don’t know anything about losing a baby. And those things scared me because I thought, if I show it wrong, I will disappoint every woman who has given birth,” the English actress said.

We see a lot of men dying (on screen), but you don’t see a lot of women giving birth.

Kirby added

To prepare for this role, Kirby went down to research, watching many movies and talking to women who had given birth and women who’d had miscarriages.

Vanessa’s continuous visits to midwives and obstetrician-gynecologists at a London hospital and some images of her with a faux bump sparked rumors of the actress’s potential pregnancy.

The truth is the Fantastic Four actress is yet to experience pregnancy. But!!!!

Key Takeaways

  • Vanessa Kirby is not pregnant and hasn’t given birth to a child.
  • Kirby is looking forward to a delivery.

Vanessa Feels Like She Has Given Birth

While preparing for the role, Vanessa got the opportunity to undergo a secondhand pregnancy experience facilitated by a woman named Antara.

Antara allowed Kirby to witness the birth process of her child. Experiencing the six-hour labor “changes me profoundly,” Kirby said. “Every second of what was happening to her, I just absorbed.”

The British actress witnessed that the woman’s “body was taking over and doing it,” which helped her prepare for the scene.

The 20-minute sequence of Pieces of a Woman was completed in six run-throughs over two days of production and required extensive planning.

As per Vanessa, it was probably the “best career experience” she ever had. Growing through intensive preparation for the role and putting her heart and soul into the character, she now kind of feels like she has.

“Whenever I see a pregnant woman now, or someone’s telling me that they’ve just given birth, I smile.”

I feel with them.

Vanessa Can’t Wait To Have Babies

The Fantastic Four actress has been open about her desire to have children of her own.

While describing childbirth as something extraordinary and wonderful, she said, “I don’t know when it will happen, but I’m looking forward to a delivery. I can’t wait.”

The British actress who is in a relationship with the American former lacrosse player Paul Rabil, looks forward to starting her own family.

They were first spotted holding hands in 2022, but it was in November 2023, Rabil made their relationship social media public.

He made a post with a caption that read, “from the very minute we first met in des moines, around the world and back, life is far better, more purposeful and more beautiful with you ❤️

Moreover, there might be a possibility that the couple is planning to start their family. But there hasn’t been any news regarding the baby or wedding from either side.


Who Are Vanessa Kirby’s Siblings?

Vanessa has two siblings, brother Joe, a school teacher, and sister Juliet, a theatrical agent.

What is Vanessa Kirby’s Net Worth?

Vanessa Kirby’s net worth is estimated to be around $4 million.


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