Weekends With Yankees: Richard Wiese’s Wife, Nicci Young Wiese, Is A Humanitarian

Till today, Nicci Young Wiese is committed to work further for the betterment of the African community and its conservation programs.

With over two decades of experience in ecotourism, Nicci Young Wiese works as a President of Young Safaris, focusing on authentic travel to Africa. She has always been passionate about the African continent, its people, and its wilderness.

Nicci Young Wiese was born in South Africa and raised in France. She has always been passionate about people, places, and the planet Earth.

She lives in Connecticut, U.S.A., with her husband, Richard Wiese (producer and host of the TV series Born to Explore on ABC), and three children: Sabrina, the oldest, and Ricky and Alex, the younger twins.

She obtained a BA from Tufts University and a Master’s in Economic Development and Environmental Policy in the US before returning to South Africa in 1992.

In 1992, she joined ”andBeyond” (previously ‘‘CCAfrica”), the Corporate Development team, to manage new projects in conservation and lodge development.

In 1998, she formed her consultancy in project management, specializing in marketing, finance, fundraising, and corporate social responsibility projects (e.g., Nedbank, Affinities, Getty Images, and Getty Africa Trust) based in Johannesburg, Paris, and London.

From the period of 2002 to 2006, Nicci Young served as an executive director of ”The Explorers Club,” a centennial international organization headquartered in New York that promotes scientific exploration and field research.

In the following years, she formed “Young Safaris” after realizing how desperately Americans wanted to visit or re-visit Africa. Based on visitor referrals, their business grew exponentially.

Nicci Young Wiese (On The Right Side In Floral Maxi Dress) Attended The 2021 Annual Film Festival In Southampton, NY, For World Lion Day & World Elephant Day, Held In Collaboration With ”Empowers Africa” And ”Southampton Arts Center” (Source: The Purist Online)

She spent a decade of her life traveling extensively through Southern and East African Africa, with a mission to develop game reserves, new lodges, and conservation partnerships.

From her extensive exploration, she eventually realized the importance of critical community involvement for sustainable ecotourism

Nicci also served for several years on the South Africa and UK boards of the Africa Foundation and has worked on the US advisory committee.

Until today, she continues to get involved with US-based foundations that mainly support the African community and its conservation programs.

From 2007 to 2020, Nicci Young Wiese was Chair of the Advisory Council at Empowers Africa and a consultant at Charity Travel LLC.

Nicci Young Wiese and her husband, Richard Wiese, attended the ”Empower Africa” 2018 Gala at Explorers Club on April 19, 2018, in New York City.

To celebrate ”World Lion Day” and ”World Elephant Day,” ”Empowers Africa,” held its 2021 annual film festival in Southampton, NY, in partnership with the Southampton Arts Center, where Nicci was one of the attendees.

In Case You Didn’t Know

  • Nicci was an Ambassador for the ”Great Plains Foundation,” based in the US.
  • CCAfrica” was a start-up venture in luxury ecotourism at that became a leading African safari company based in Johannesburg.
  • Empowers Africa” is a non-profit dedicated to Sub-Saharan Africa conservation.
  • Young Safaris was a boutique travel company focusing on luxury safari, primarily in east and southern Africa.
  • In 2020, Nicci’s husband, Richard Wiese, was alleged to have had an affair with Christine Dennison. At that time, Richard was the president of ”The Explorers Club.”


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