Where’s Lance Gatcomb? Reportedly Gatcomb Left Maine Cabin Masters And Started His Own YouTube Channel

Gatcomb's wife is Lily Gatcomb, and they have one child.

Maine Cabin Masters” is a compelling reality television show that showcases how to turn run-down cabins into gorgeous getaways.

Unfortunately, in the highly anticipated Season 10 of “Maine Cabin Masters,” fans were disappointed by the absence of Lance Gatcomb, a former standout on the show.

He joined the show when it premiered in 2016. During the early run-ups, the show occasionally featured Lance and his family in addition to cabin flipping.

In Season 1, Episode 7, “A Cabin for the Bride,” the show gave viewers a glimpse into Lance and his significant other’s private wedding.

Gatcomb’s wife is Lily Gatcomb, and they have one child.

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In a limited time, Lance has earned a loyal fanbase. He gained popularity and became a fan favorite for his humor and laid-back personality. Versatile builder Lance had been a great team addition and entertained the audience with his goof attitude.

Maine Cabin Masters Star Lance’s Reason Behind His Departure From The Show Is Not Known Yet

Professionally, reality star Lance is the cabin builder.

From 2017 to 2020, Lance appeared on 37 episodes of Maine Cabin Masters.

He brought a wealth of knowledge and experience to each project he was involved in.

Despite his star status, Lance managed to keep his private life a secret and successfully stayed out of the public eye. He is inactive on Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok, so finding information on why he departed from the show is difficult.

In addition, the production team of ”Maine Cabin Masters” never released an official statement explaining Gatcomb’s departure from the show.

Reportedly, Gatcomb left the show and started his own YouTube channel on September 4, 2020. As of 2024, the channel had gained 2.08K subscribers.


When And What Was Lance Gatcom’s Last Season Of Maine Cabin Masters About?

Lance’s last appearance on Maine Cabin Masters was season 5, episode 15 ”Top Ten Family Retreats”, aired on Jul 20, 2020. In the episode, The Cabin Masters shares the top 10 family retreats as voted on by the fans. Featured are cherished pieces of family art, historic landmarks, and dedicated stewards looking to restore the sacred memories of those gone but not forgotten.

What Was Season 1 Episode 1, ”The Daggett Camp”of the Maine Cabin Masters, About?

Lance debuted in ”Maine Cabin Masters” Season 1 Episode 1, ”The Daggett Camp”, aired Jan 2, 2017. The episode was about a family from Maine working together to rehab a historic cabin from the 1930s in just six weeks. Chase and his team put an effort into saving the camp. However, a hidden surprise underneath the cabin derails the whole project.

What Is Lance Gatcomb’s Net Worth?

Lance Gatcom’s net worth is estimated to be around $350,000 as of 2024.


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