Zach Cherry’s Sunday Rituals Involve Playing Games With His Wife

Zach Cherry, the actor and comedian, went candid and shared about his “pretty boring” Sundays.

The Severance actor, during an interview, said that before he heads for an improv comedy show, he spends time with his wife and dog.

Zach resides in the Bushwick neighborhood with his wife, Anabella Cherry. Their Sundays typically consist of a walk in the park and a friendly face-off.

After taking their dog to a nearby park, Zach and his wife return home to play video games or watch TV together. “Overcooked 2,” a cooking simulation game, “Baldur’s Gate,” “Wordle,” and “Connection” are some of their regular choices.

This is what his normal Sundays look like. But let’s delve into his family life, specifically about his wife, Anabella Cherry.

Key Takeaways

  • Zach Cherry and his wife of almost two years live in Brooklyn.
  • His wife is a teacher.
  • They have a pet dog.

Zach And Anabella Has Been Married For 2 Years

The comedian and his wife, Anabella Tupaj, reportedly tied the knot in 2022. However, specifics about their wedding are not publicly known.

Regarding her professional life, Ms. Cherry, 30, teaches English as a second language at Hunter College.

Zach and Anabella maintain a low profile on social media, so glimpses of their lives are rare.

They were spotted together at the premiere of Severance, with Zach wearing a checked blue coat and his wife opting for a nude crop top dress.

They Are A Proud Parents To Their Pet Dog

The Cherry couple adopted a rescue dog, Shrek. They take her to a park near their apartment. Their dog is a scaredy-cat, and looking at the busyness of the part, they let her out.

If the park is too busy and too much for her to handle, they try to calm her down as some noise puts her into a high alert state.

Besides, Shrek loves cuddling and enjoys being held like a baby. Moreover, her favorite thing to do is to cradle her in their parent’s arms.


What Is Zach Cherry Famous For?

Cherry gained recognition for portraying Dylan in the dystopian Apple TV+ thriller series “Severance.” He also does improv comedy, filled with nerdy jokes.

What Is The Age of Comedian Zach Cherry?

Zach Cherry was born on November 1, 1987, in Trenton, New Jersey, USA, and is currently 36 years old.


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