Zendaya And Tom Holland Spark Engagement Rumors Amidst Booming Career

Sources close to the pair now claim 'marriage' may be on the horizon

Key Takeaways

  • Sources claim Zendaya and Tom Holland have discussed marriage.
  • Despite marriage rumors, the actors are currently focused on their booming careers.
  • The actors first met in 2017 while filming the latest Spider-Man trilogy.

Holywood, California: The super private and ultra-talented couple Zendaya and Tom Holland have stayed mostly tight-lipped about their relationship over the years.

However, sources close to the pair now claim ‘marriage‘ may be on the horizon for the Spider-Man co-stars.

There has been talk of marriage, and that is a reality,” an insider revealed to PEOPLE magazine.

The source added that while Zendaya and Tom, both 27, keep their romance extremely low-key, they have definitely discussed the idea of tying the knot.

The actors first met in 2017 while filming the latest Spider-Man trilogy, where they played love interests on-screen.

It wasn’t until 2021 that they publicly confirmed their off-screen romance after years of dating speculation.

Despite their mega-stardom, Zendaya and Tom are known for being incredibly private about their personal lives.

They are not the kind of stars who put their lives together out there on social media for the most part,” the source explained, noting the constant spotlight “has never been easy or comfortable for either of them.”

So don’t expect any Instagram official wedding announcements if they do decide to walk down the aisle.

The source stated, “Both are private” when it comes to sharing details about their relationship.

However, the marriage rumors don’t indicate imminent wedding bells.

With Zendaya prompting her new film ‘Challengers‘ and Tom starring in a ‘Romeo and Julietplay in London next month, “Work is important to both, and that keeps them busy now,” the insider added.

While they may be very tight-lipped celebrities, Zendaya and Tom clearly have an incredibly supportive partnership.

They are proud of each other’s successes and totally supportive,” another source gushed, calling their relationship “equal” with both stars being “caring towards the other.”

Only time will tell if this private pair will eventually make it official with their marriage vows.

But one thing is certain—Zendaya and Tom seem to have found something really special together away from the bright lights of Hollywood.

In Case You Didn’t Know

  • Zendaya and Tom Holland have already bought a $3 million house in South West London.
  • Tom, in an interview with IMDB, revealed his desire to be part of ‘Euphoria‘ alongside its lead actress, Zendaya.
  • Previously, Zendaya was linked to co-star Jacob Elordi, while Tom reportedly dated actress Nadia Parkes in 2020.


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