Ace Amerson: Everything To Know About The Cast Of The Challenge All-Stars Season 4

Key Takeaways

  • Ace was born in Rome, Georgia, in 1979 and currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia.
  • He uncovered connections to nobility, royalty, and ancestors through Ancestry in major historical conflicts.
  • He has demonstrated a strong, determined spirit throughout his reality TV career, navigating challenges and setbacks with resilience.

The excitement is buzzing as The Challenge: All Stars makes its long-awaited comeback for its fourth season, exclusively on Paramount+.

With a lineup boasting some of the most seasoned players in the history of the franchise, anticipation is through the roof.

One of the standout contenders is Ace Amerson, a familiar face from All Stars’ debut season and a finalist in his last main Challenge endeavor, The Inferno 3.

Biography: From Rome to Atlanta

Born Clyde Daryn “Ace” Amerson on March 22, 1979, in Rome, Georgia, USA, he currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia.

According to his Facebook profile, Ace currently identifies as unemployed.

However, he owned a couple of bars in Statesboro and operated a bar in Valdosta, Georgia.

Talking about his education, he received a marketing degree from Georgia Southern University.

Before his university years, he attended Pepperell High School and Flint River Academy, laying the foundation for his future adventures.

Tracing Roots: Family Life & History

Ace Amerson is the son of Stephanie Perdue.

She lost her battle with breast cancer, which heightened Ace’s awareness of health risks, particularly those associated with habits like smoking.

Delving more into his family life, he shared insights about his family’s tree through his Instagram back in 2019.

With Christmas approaching, Ace saw an opportunity to give his grandmothers a meaningful gift: a glimpse into their family’s past.

Armed with little more than the knowledge of his English heritage and a determination to uncover the truth, Ace embarked on a journey of discovery.

Using accessible tools like Ancestry, Ace dedicated himself to the task, spending countless hours piecing together his family tree.

Each new revelation brought excitement and a deeper connection to his roots.

As he traced his lineage back through the generations, Ace unearthed remarkable stories of bravery and resilience.

From ancestors who fought on opposing sides of historical conflicts like the Civil and Revolutionary Wars to those who held noble titles, each discovery added depth to his family’s narrative.

However, the most thrilling revelation came when Ace found a potential link to royalty through a 17th great-grandmother.

The possibility of being connected to someone as significant as King Edward was both exciting and humbling.

Through his journey, Ace not only uncovered his family’s history but also gained a greater appreciation for the human stories that shaped it.

Career: A Reality TV Journey of Perseverance

Clyde Daryn “Ace” Amerson made his mark on reality television, navigating through challenges and eliminations with determination.

From his debut on The Real World: Paris to his appearances on iconic shows like The Inferno and All Stars, Ace’s journey is a story of perseverance.

The Real World: Paris – Where It All Began:

Ace entered the reality TV world on The Real World: Paris, showcasing his charm and competitive nature.

While his time on the show was a starting point, it laid the groundwork for his future adventures in the realm of reality competition.

The Inferno – Facing Challenges Head-On:

Ace’s first major challenge came with The Inferno.

Despite showing promise in challenges like “Grope the Rope,” Ace faced an early exit during the “Bird Feeder” challenge.

However, this setback only fueled his determination to succeed in future endeavors.

Battle of the Sexes 2 – Overcoming Adversity:

Undeterred by his early departure from The Inferno, Ace returned for Battle of the Sexes 2.

Though his journey ended prematurely once again, this time in the “Snake Pit Poker” challenge, Ace’s resilience remained unwavering.

The Gauntlet 2 – Rising to the Occasion:

Ace’s persistence paid off in The Gauntlet 2, where he proved himself as a formidable competitor.

With notable victories in challenges like “Moving Pyramid” and “Body Painters,” Ace left his mark on the competition despite his eventual elimination.

The Inferno 3 – Redemption and Success:

Returning to The Inferno franchise for its third installment, Ace showcased his determination and strategic thinking.

With an impressive track record in challenges, including a crucial win in “Dog Day Afternoon,” Ace emerged as a finalist, solidifying his status as a contender.

All Stars – Continuing the Journey:

Ace’s journey continued with appearances in All Stars seasons 1 and 4.

While his time on All Stars 1 ended abruptly, his participation in All Stars 4 demonstrated his enduring competitive spirit and commitment to excellence.

Personal Life

Ace Amerson is in a relationship with Brooke Wallace. The couple started dating on August 31, 2018.


What Is Ace Amerson’s Family History And Background?

Ace was born in Rome, Georgia, in 1979 and currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia. Through extensive research on Ancestry, he uncovered connections to nobility, royalty, and ancestors who fought in major historical conflicts like the Civil and Revolutionary Wars.

What Is Ace Amerson’s Professional And Reality TV Background?

Ace received a marketing degree from Georgia Southern University and previously owned and operated bars in Georgia. He is a well-known competitor on reality TV shows, particularly The Challenge franchise, including appearances on The Real World: Paris, The Inferno, Battle of the Sexes 2, The Gauntlet 2, The Inferno 3, and All Stars seasons.

Does Ace Amerson Have A Girlfriend?

Ace Amerson is currently in a relationship with Brooke Wallace, and the couple has been dating since August 2018.


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