Emily Calandrelli’s Parents, Bradley and Kimberly Calandrelli, Shaped Her Journey To Success

The Calandrelli family's journey reminds us that with strong family support, it's possible to overcome obstacles and achieve one's dreams—even if those dreams reach as far as the stars.

Key Takeaways

  • From the age of 11, Emily’s father, Brad, worked tirelessly to turn his dreams into reality.
  • While Brad was building his career, Kimberly Calandrelli was carving her own path at West Virginia University (WVU).
  • The couple tied the knot on September 13, 1981, and have been each other’s pillars of support ever since.

The story of Emily Calandrelli, renowned science communicator and space exploration advocate, is incomplete without acknowledging the profound influence of her parents, Bradley and Kimberly Calandrelli.

This remarkable couple from West Virginia has been the bedrock of Emily’s success, instilling in her the values of hard work, determination, and the courage to dream big.

As the youngest of four children raised by a single mother in West Virginia, Brad grew up facing poverty head-on.

However, his circumstances only fueled his ambition to create a better life for himself and his future family.

From 11, Brad worked tirelessly to turn his dreams into reality.

His determination paid off when he secured a position at the High Technology Foundation.

Over nearly three decades, Brad steadily climbed the corporate ladder, eventually becoming the Director of Facilities and Property Management.

In January 2020, after 23 years and 7 months in this role, Brad retired, marking the end of a successful 28-year career at the foundation.

While Brad was building his career, Kimberly was carving her own path at West Virginia University (WVU).

Kim’s journey at WVU began in 1979 when she worked as an administrative assistant in the office of the assistant dean of education.

She joined as an integral part of the Mountaineer Football program in 1983, handling crucial administrative responsibilities in recruiting.

In her role, Kim works closely with the associate director of athletics/football, the director of player personnel, and the recruiting coordinator.

Her duties include assisting with on and off-campus visits, managing prospect correspondence and databases, and coordinating coaches’ travel.

Kim’s dedication to WVU extends beyond her professional life – both her children, Emily and Drew, are proud WVU graduates.

Brad and Kim’s love story began long before Emily’s birth.

The couple tied the knot on September 13, 1981, and have been each other’s pillars of support ever since.

Their 39th anniversary in 2020 was marked by Kim’s heartfelt social media post, in which she expressed her love and appreciation for Brad as a wonderful husband, father, dog dad, and grandfather.

The Calandrelli family, deeply rooted in Morgantown, West Virginia, embodies the values of hard work, education, and community involvement.

Brad and Kim’s support and belief in their children’s potential have been instrumental in shaping Emily’s successful career in science communication and space advocacy.

In a touching Mother’s Day post, Emily credited her mother for instilling in her the belief that she could “reach for the stars and actually grab a few.”

She thanked her mother for making her feel capable of achieving the impossible and for providing a shield of confidence against the world’s doubts.

Similarly, her father’s journey from poverty to success has undoubtedly inspired Emily to dream big and work hard to achieve her goals.

The influence of both Brad and Kim is clear in Emily’s career.

Their emphasis on education, hard work, and determination has shaped Emily into the accomplished science communicator she is today.

From her father’s rise from humble beginnings to her mother’s dedication to higher education, Emily has drawn inspiration to pursue her dreams in science and space exploration.

In Case You Didn’t Know

  • Emily Calandrelli had a Netflix show named “Emily’s Wonder Lab,” where she did experiments for kids and parents to do at home.
  • She is a married woman who is parenting two children. She has been married for over six years.


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