Wedding Photos Reveal Actor George MacKay Has Two Children

He maintains a respectful distance when it comes to discussing his family publicly

Key Takeaways

  • George Mackay and his wife, Doone Forsyth, are known for leading a highly private life, avoiding social media and public announcements.
  • Their wedding on November 19, 2023, was kept intimate, with no public announcements.
  • Photos from their wedding, shared by a guest on social media, revealed George’s fatherhood to two children, a fact previously unknown to many.

George Mackay and his wife, Doone Forsyth, lead remarkably private lives, preferring to keep their personal affairs out of the public eye.

They don’t engage with social media platforms, which are often used by celebrities to share glimpses of their daily lives.

Even on their wedding day, George and Doone opted for an intimate ceremony, choosing not to make any public announcements.

It wasn’t until a guest, Carly Bannerman, shared some candid photos from their wedding on November 19, 2023, that the public got a rare peek into their relationship.

“The best day celebrating the perfect pair! Doone and George 🤍 👰🏻‍♀️🤵🏻🤍”

Surprisingly, alongside their union, the pictures also revealed that George is a father to two kids, a fact previously unknown to many.

When the image made its rounds on Pinterest, it sparked a wave of astonishment at the news of his fatherhood.

One user exclaimed,

“Is he really a father of 2 ??!!?! Wow”

Another queried in disbelief,

“When did he even have kids? 😭”

Similarly, another user couldn’t contain their surprise, typing out,


Despite this newfound attention on his family life, George remains steadfast in his commitment to privacy, choosing not to divulge further details about his children to the media.

While he has occasionally mentioned his role as a father in interviews, he maintains a respectful distance when it comes to discussing his family publicly.

However, he has acknowledged in discussions, such as one with Talk Times, that his wife and children (a two-year-old and a two-month-old) have played a significant role in shaping his exploration of masculinity, which in turn influenced his approach to acting roles and storytelling.

In Case You Didn’t Know

  • George is the father of two young children, aged two years and two months, respectively.
  • Born on March 13, 1992, he is currently 32-years-old.


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