Here’s Everything To Know About Naomi Watts’ Parents

Her parents separated when she was just four years old

Key Takeaways

  • Naomi Watts’ parents separated when she was just four years old.
  • Watts and Myfanwy exchanged vows in 1966 and had two children, Ben and Naomi.
  • The family faced tragedy with Peter Watts’ passing in 1976 due to a heroin overdose.

Naomi Watts, born on September 28, 1968, didn’t have ordinary parents.

She comes from a family deeply rooted in creativity and arts.

Her mother, Myfanwy (Miv) Edwards (née Roberts), was both an antiques dealer and a talented costume and set designer.

Meanwhile, her father, Peter Watts (1946–1976), made his mark as a road manager and audio engineer, notably collaborating with the legendary Pink Floyd.

Sadly, Naomi’s parents separated when she was just four years old.

Following the split, Naomi and her older brother, Ben Watts, went through several moves with their mother.

Tragedy struck the family in 1976 with the passing of Peter Watts, leaving a profound impact on Naomi and her mother.

Biography & Family Tree

Naomi Watts’s mother, Myfanwy, was born Myfanwy Edwards Roberts to parents Hugh Roberts and Nikki Roberts.

Similarly, her father, Peter, was born on January 16, 1946, in Bedford, Bedfordshire, England.

He was the son of Jane Patricia Grace (maiden name Rolt), born in 1923 in Naivasha, Kenya Colony, and Anthony Watts.

Peter had one older brother, Michael, and one younger sister, Patricia.

Career & Professional Life

Myfanwy Watts had a diverse career, excelling as a model, costume designer, set designer, interior designer, and antiquarian.

On the other hand, Peter Watts found his niche as the road manager and sound engineer for the renowned rock band Pink Floyd.

His contributions extended beyond management; on Pink Floyd’s album “The Dark Side of the Moon,” Watts lent his voice to the repeated laughter on “Brain Damage” and could also be heard in the album’s overture, “Speak to Me.”

Before his tenure with Pink Floyd, Watts served as the road manager for Pretty Things, bringing valuable experience to his role with the legendary band.

Personal Life & Marriage

Watts and Myfanwy Edwards-Roberts exchanged vows in 1966.

Their union brought forth two children: Ben (born in 1967), who later pursued a career in photography, and Naomi (born in 1968), who found her calling as an actress.

Unfortunately, the couple parted ways in 1972 when Naomi was just four years old.

Following the divorce, the children were primarily raised by their grandparents and their mother, who was striving to establish her career.

This period was marked by several relocations for the family.

A few years later, in 1976, Peter remarried to Patricia Deighton, affectionately known as “Puddie.”

Peter Watts’ Passing

In August 1976, Peter tragically passed away in a flat in Notting Hill, London, due to a heroin overdose.

Following Peter’s death, Pink Floyd extended financial support to Naomi Watts and her mother to assist them in getting back on their feet.

Despite this aid, Naomi acknowledges that she and her mother continued to face hardships.

Reflecting on the profound loss of her father, she has openly discussed her ongoing struggle with grief over the years.

In a candid interview with Vogue Australia in 2021, she shared,

Having grown up losing my dad at a very early age, I think that’s a story I know well; it’s still sorting itself out at the ripe age of 52.”

Naomi Watts has expressed her deep sadness at the scarcity of real photographs of her father, as well as the limited number of memories she holds of him.

In Case You Didn’t Know

  • Her mother, Myfanwy (Miv) Edwards (née Roberts), was both an antiques dealer and a talented costume and set designer.
  • Naomi’s brother, Benjamin Oliver Anthony Watts, is a British photographer living in New York City. His photography has been showcased in many well-known fashion magazines worldwide.


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