Exploring the Connection: Chris Sheridan and Taylor Sheridan’s Family Ties

The only thing they have in common is their last name.

Key Takeaways

  • Chris Sheridan was born in the Philippines, while Taylor Sheridan was born in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.
  • Chris is recognized for his work as a television writer and producer, just like Taylor.
  • Chris is married to an actress and writer, while Taylor Sheridan is married to an actress and model

Don’t hold your breath for any familial connection between Chris Sheridan and Taylor Sheridan.

They grew up in different places and had entirely different childhoods.

The only thing they have in common is their last name, along with similarities in their professional and personal lives.

Journeys of Two Sheridans: From Diverse Beginnings to Unique Paths

Christopher Is One Of The First Writers To Be Hired For The Animated TV Series ‘Family Guy’ (Source: cheatsheet)

Christopher Sheridan, born on September 19, 1967, in the Philippines, grew up in New Hampshire, attending Gilford High School.

After graduating in 1985, he went to Union College, earning his degree in 1989.

Returning home, he worked in various roles, including substitute teaching, bartending, and helping out at his father’s store.

On the other hand, Taylor Sheridan was born in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, and raised in Fort Worth, Texas, by his cardiologist father, Sheridan Taylor Gibler, and mother, Susan (née Harwell) Gibler.

His cowboy spirit was nurtured by his mother’s Texan heritage, rooted in visits to her grandparents’ ranch in Waco.

He attended R. L. Paschal High School, where he balanced his love for the outdoors with a passion for theater.

After leaving Texas State University, Taylor moved to Austin, where he took up lawn mowing and house painting.

Dual Paths: The Multifaceted Careers of Christopher and Taylor Sheridan

Sheridan Received The Prestigious Accolade Of Being Inducted Into The Texas Cowboy Hall Of Fame In 2021 (Source: popsugar)

Christopher Sheridan is known for his work as an American television writer, producer, and occasional voice actor.

Likewise, Taylor Sheridan wears multiple hats as an American writer, producer, director, and actor.

While Christopher won an award for Best Screenplay in the 2006 DVD Exclusive Award, Taylor has been nominated a couple of times for Best Screenplay, including the Golden Globe Award, the Independent Spirit Award, and many others.

Furthermore, a curious parallel between them emerges as Taylor portrayed a character named Chris in the television film titled ‘Her Costly Affair.’

Familial Bonds: The Personal Lives of Chris and Taylor Sheridan

Chris Sheridan is a married man with a child, just like Taylor is.

He shares his life with actress and writer Jenna Lamia, with whom he exchanged vows in June 2022.

Chris also has a daughter named Lily from his previous marriage to Yolie.

Similarly, Taylor Sheridan has been happily married to actress and model Nicole Muirbrook since 2013.

Together, they are raising a son. Currently, the Sheridans call Weatherford, Texas, home.

In Case You Didn’t Know

  • Taylor Sheridan was initially ambitious about being a sheriff of Cranfills Gap.
  • He was well known by his birthname, Sheridan Taylor Gibler, Jr., during his formative years.
  • Chris has lent his voice to several characters in the TV show ‘Family Guy.’


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