Marsai Martin’s Little Sister Cyndi Martin Shines On Social Media

Her feed is a delightful glimpse into her early years

Key Takeaways

  • Cydni already has an impressive Instagram following of over 7,000 at just 6 years old, with her account being run by her mother, Carol Martin.
  • She has captured fans’ hearts by sharing adorable family moments and milestones, such as her first birthday and salon visit.
  • While 19-year-old Marsai is already an accomplished actress, little sister Cydni could be the next big kid influencer.

Hollywood: In Hollywood, the spotlight often extends beyond just one family member, with siblings frequently sharing the limelight.

While Marsai Martin has undoubtedly secured her place in the entertainment industry with her talent and charm, her younger sister Cyndi Martin has quietly amassed her own following, though in a different arena—social media.

Born in September 2016, Cyndi Martin might be just a toddler, but her presence on Instagram, managed by her mother, Carol Martin, is anything but small.

With 86 posts and a following of over 7K, she’s already making waves in the digital world.

Since her Instagram debut in May 2017, Cyndi has captured the hearts of many with her adorable antics and precious family moments.

Her feed is a delightful glimpse into her early years, from snapshots with her great-grandma to celebrating milestones like turning one.

Some of Cydni’s most popular Instagram posts capture precious family moments.

On her first Mother’s Day in May 2017, a baby Cydni was pictured “being nice” to her mom.

Her first birthday in September 2017 was celebrated with her famous big sister Marsai and the rest of their family.

Other highlights include Cydni’s “first salon experience” in November 2019 and more recent singing videos alongside her sister.

While Marsai is already a talented actress after starring in hits like ‘Black-ish‘ and ‘Little,’ Cydni may just be getting her to start as an influencer.

If her following of over 7K at just 6 years old is any indication, Cydni could soon be the next big kid star to follow in her big sister’s footsteps.

With her fun personality and photogenic looks, fans will be watching to see what’s next for the younger Martin sister.

She’s already learned how to work the camera from her successful sibling Marsai.

In Case You Didn’t Know

  • Cyndi Martin’s father, Joshua Martin, serves as the President of Genius Entertainment, the production company co-founded by his daughter Marsai.
  • Her mother, Carol Martin, is the Vice President of Genius Productions.


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