Parents of Meg Bellamy From Netflix’s The Crown Raised An Extraordinary Talent

Her journey from an ordinary student to playing Kate Middleton shows that with the right foundation, even the most extraordinary roles can be within reach.

Meg Bellamy, the talented young actress who recently captured hearts with her portrayal of Kate Middleton in Netflix’s “The Crown,” comes from a background far removed from the glitz and glamour of Hollywood.

Key Takeaways

  • Meg Bellamy’s parents, with careers in pharmaceuticals and business, provided a grounded upbringing that valued education and hard work.
  • Despite living close to the Middletons, Meg’s parents didn’t focus on royal matters at home, allowing her portrayal of Kate to stem from talent rather than sheer fascination.
  • Meg’s parents’ values and support shaped her down-to-earth personality and work ethic, which have remained intact even as she entered the entertainment industry’s spotlight.

Born on October 9, 2002, in Leeds, Meg’s early years were shaped by a close-knit family and a move that would unknowingly set the stage for her future role.

When Meg was just five years old, her family decided to relocate to the Royal County of Berkshire.

This move brought them to Wokingham, a town near Bucklebury, where the real Kate Middleton spent her formative years.

Their childhood homes were reportedly just ten minutes apart.

Meg’s family life is rich and diverse. She’s part of a large, blended family that includes a brother, a half-brother, and two step-brothers, ranging in age from 9 to 30.

Meg is very close to all her siblings and has mentioned enjoying competitive Mario Kart games with her younger brothers. She proudly declares herself “a beast at that game!

This close-knit family has clearly played a significant role in shaping Meg’s character.

While Meg has become the first in her family to enter the entertainment industry, her parents have pursued successful careers in other fields.

Her mother works in the pharmaceutical sector, contributing to the healthcare industry, while her father is a businessman.

These professions suggest a household that likely valued education, hard work, and perhaps a practical approach to life.

Meg’s upbringing seems to have been grounded and typical of many British children.

She attended St. Crispin’s School, where her passion for performing first began to flourish.

School plays became a significant part of her life, with roles such as Miss Trunchbull in “Matilda,” showcasing her early talent and versatility as an actress.

Beyond acting, Meg excelled academically and in sports, serving as head girl and standing out in team sports, particularly hockey.

Despite their close proximity to the Middleton family home—reportedly just ten minutes away—Meg has stated that there wasn’t much discussion about Kate Middleton in their household.

This lack of focus on royal matters makes her portrayal even more impressive, as it stems purely from her talent rather than any particular fascination with the royal family.

Interestingly, Meg’s teacher has drawn parallels between her and Kate Middleton, describing Meg as “ridiculously humble” and popular among her peers.

This down-to-earth nature, likely instilled by her parents, has remained intact even as she steps into the spotlight.

While Meg’s parents have maintained their privacy throughout their daughter’s rise to fame, their influence is evident in her work ethic and approach to her newfound career.

In Case You Didn’t Know

  • Meg Bellamy performed at Legoland before landing her role as Kate Middleton in “The Crown.”
  • Bellamy got the role of Kate Middleton after seeing an online casting call and submitting a self-tape audition encouraged by a neighbor who thought she resembled Kate.
  • Before being cast, Bellamy had only seen the first season of “The Crown” and wasn’t particularly invested in the royal family, mainly remembering Kate and William’s wedding from childhood.


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