Physical 100: Justin Harvey’s Language and Appearance Sparks Ethnical Curiosity

His fluency in Korean led many to speculate that he might have Korean roots

Key Takeaways

  • Justin Harvey stands out among the 100 participants due to his fluent Korean-speaking abilities.
  • Viewers’ curiosity about Harvey’s background, sparked by his language proficiency and appearance, intrigues his character.
  • Originally from South Africa, Harvey’s seamless integration into Korean culture earned him an honorary citizenship award.

The lineup for Season 2 of Physical 100 is packed with an impressive mix of stars, ranging from well-known figures in their home countries to internationally recognized names.

Following the success of the first season, the new installment continues to introduce viewers to contestants from various niche sports and professions, offering a unique glimpse into these lesser-known communities globally.

Among the 100 participants, one contestant has quickly become a fan favorite: Justin Harvey.

What sets Harvey apart is his ability to speak Korean fluently, which he effortlessly demonstrates during interactions with his fellow contestants.

Although he initially learned the language through formal education, Harvey’s dedication led him to teach himself and challenge himself by taking advanced Korean classes.

According to reports from The Korea Herald, Harvey dreams of mastering the Korean language to the point where he can lead his own film or TV series in South Korea, showcasing his commitment to breaking down cultural barriers.

However, Harvey’s language and appearance have sparked curiosity about his background among viewers.

His fluency in Korean led many to speculate that he might have Korean roots, yet his appearance seemed to tell a different story, leaving viewers puzzled about his true heritage and ethnicity.

Originally from South Africa, Harvey’s seamless integration into Korean culture has been so remarkable that he was honored with an honorary citizenship award by Seoul’s Mayor Oh Se Hoon.

“I had the great honor of being awarded an Honorary citizenship award by Mayor Oh Se Hoon last week. I am happy to be a contributing member of society and thankful to this city that I call home. It is wonderful to see so many foreign residents of Korea trying to make a difference. Congrats to all of the fellow recipients. And thank you to all the kind messages I received over the last few days. I have also heard that I am the first person from South Africa to receive this award since it’s conception in 1958. The award has been given to 890 people in that time.”

This acknowledgment not only speaks to Harvey’s impact but also highlights the inclusive nature of Korean society towards foreign residents who strive to make a difference.

In Case You Didn’t Know

  • Justin Harvey is an actor from South Africa who works in the Korean film industry.
  • Amotti, a CrossFitter and bodybuilder, clinched the victory in a showdown against Hong Beom-seok, a seasoned competitor from Physical: 100 Seasons 1.


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