Simon Russell Beale Brings Nuance to House of the Dragon as Ser Simon Strong

He brings a new view to Westeros - someone who wants no part in the chaos

Key Takeaways

  • Simon Russel Beale plays Ser Simon Strong, the castellan of Harrenhal, in House of the Dragon season 2.
  • Ser Simon Strng is characterized as a gentleman who wants to avoid conflict, unlike many other Westeros characters.
  • Harrenhal becomes a strategic target in the war, forcing Ser Simon to make difficult choices between the warring actions.

In the ever-expanding world of “House of the Dragon,” a new face has emerged to capture viewers’ attention: Simon Russell Beale as Ser Simon Strong.

This British actor, known for his career on stage and screen, brings a touch of seriousness and dignity to the role of Harrenhal’s castellan in the show’s second season.

Ser Simon Strong stands out as different from the unusually harsh characters in Westeros.

As the great-uncle of the cunning Larys Strong and the late Lyobel and Harwin Strong, Simon finds himself in charge of the massive, though shabby, castle of Harrenhal.

His position becomes increasingly precarious as the Dance of the Dragons, the Targaryen civil war, unfolds around him.

What sets Ser Simon apart is his characterization asthe only gentleman in an ungentlemanly world,” as Beale himself describes.

In a world where power-hungry nobles constantly scheme and fight, Simon Strong stands out for his desire to remain uninvolved in the greater conflicts.

He’s a man who, in Beale’s words, “doesn’t want anything to do with it,” preferring to be left alone to manage his castle peace.

However, the tides of war will not allow Ser Simon to remain neutral for long.

Simon Russell Beale portrays the role of Ser Simon Strong in House of the Dragon (Source: fandom)

As both the Blacks and the Greens vie for control of strategic locations, Harrenhal becomes a key target.

The arrival of Prince Daemon Targaryen and his dragon Caraxes forces Ser Simon to make difficult decisions about allegiance and survival.

Beale brings depth to the character, portraying Ser Simon as a reluctant but gracious host.

He’s perfectly capable of trying to play their game if he feels the need to,” Beale explains, highlighting Simon’s ability to face the dangerous waters of Westerosi politics when necessary.

Yet, there’s an underlying sense of anger and family loyalty that may come into play, particularly regarding the mysterious circumstances surrounding the deaths of his relatives.

As the season progresses, viewers can expect to see Ser Simon caught between the warning fractions, potentially facing terrible consequences regardless of his choices.

His fate, as hinted in George R.R. Martin’s source material, may be grim, but Beale’s fine performance promises to make Ser Simon Strong a memorable addition to the rich history of characters in House of the Dragon.

With his knighthood both on and off-screen (Beale was knighted in 2019), Simon Russell Beale brings a wealth of acting experience to this role.

He brings a new view to Westeros – someone who wants no part in the chaos.

In Case You Didn’t Know

  • He is a highly acclaimed British actor with numerous awards, including a Tony, three Olivier Awards, and two BAFTAs.
  • Simon Russell Beale’s father was a surgeon in the British Army.
  • He attended as a chorister in a boarding school in England.


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