‘The Sympathizer’ Review: A Disappointing Execution of a Complex Storyline

Despite immense potential, the series fails to deliver!

As an average viewer, I ventured into HBO’s miniseries ‘The Sympathizer’ with high expectations.

With its star-studded cast and promise of a complex story based on Viet Thanh Nyuyen‘s Pulitzer Prize-winning novel, the series seemed set to deliver an impressive viewing experience.

Watch Time57 Minutes
Total Episodes7
Release DateApril 14, 2024
DirectorFernando Meirelles
GenreComedy, Drama, History


The series kicks off with a promising start, introducing us to the protagonist.
However, as the series progresses, it begins to falter under the weight of its own complexity.
By the end of the series, the viewer is left feeling confused.

Regrettably, the end product left feeling underwhelmed, with its execution falling short of the potential its premise held.

A Promising Start

The series starts with a promising start, introducing us to the protagonist, the never-named Captain (Hoa Xuande).

A Viet Cong plant in the South Vietnamese secret police, the Captain’s life is a web of dualities and contradictions.

He’s a double agent, half French and half Vietnamese, a communist with an affinity for American popular culture.

The complexity of the character and the historical setting of the Vietnam War set the stage for an intriguing story.

Overcomplicated and Underwhelming Execution

However, as the series progresses, it begins to falter under the weight of its own complexity.

The shifting timelines, the multitude of characters, and the moral ambiguity that should have added depth to the story instead contribute to a sense of over-complication.

The series tries to juggle too many balls at once, resulting in a disconnected and difficult-to-follow storyline.

Despite the intriguing premise, the protagonist fails to bring forth empathy or interest.

His constant shifting and lack of solid identity, while thematically fitting, distance him from the viewers.

He becomes a symbol representing duality and conflict rather than a character we can connect with.

A Missed Opportunity

The series also misses an opportunity to provide a fresh perspective on American imperialism and the Vietnam War.

The novel, praised for its deconstruction of American perceptions of the conflict, has sadly not done justice in the series.

The series fails to bring out a strong emotional response.

By the end of the series, the viewer is left feeling confused.

My Final Thought

In conclusion, despite its ambitious premise and talented cast, The Sympathizer fails to deliver a compelling story.

Its overly complicated execution and lack of emotional resonance render it underwhelming.

It’s a series with all the ingredients of greatness but falls short in its delivery.

For those considering delving into ‘The Sympathizer,’ prepare for a journey that promises much but delivers little.

In Case You Didn’t Know

  • Duy Nguyen and Fred Nguyen Khan, who portray the Captain’s best friends, are actually best friends off-camera.
  • The Government of Vietnam did not allow the crew of the HBO miniseries ‘The Sympathizer’ to film in their country.
  • Robert Downey Jr. shaved his head for the series instead of using a bald cap to save time.


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