Unveiling the Truth Behind Deidre Behar and Joy Behar’s Alleged Relation

Not in the slightest!

Key Takeaways

  • Joy Behar hails from Williamsburg, Brooklyn, while Deidre is from California.
  • Both Joy Behar and Deidre are well-known hosts.
  • Beyond their professional success, both Behars have found fulfillment in their personal lives.

California: It’s a common misconception in the entertainment world that shared surnames automatically imply familial ties.

Such is the case with Deidre Behar and Joy Behar, who, despite their professional endeavors and shared last names, have no blood relation whatsoever.

Let’s analyze the similarities and differences between these two accomplished individuals to shed light on this misconception.

Parental Background

Joy Behar, born Josephine Victoria Occhiuto, hails from Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

She was raised as the only child in a tight-knit Roman Catholic family of Italian descent.

Her parents, Rose and Gino Occhiuto, instilled in her values that would shape her comedic and hosting career.

Contrastingly, Deidre Behar’s upbringing paints a different picture.

Born in California, she was welcomed into the world by her father, José, who serves as the President of Meridian Entertainment Management Group.

Alongside her sister Siara, Deidre spent her childhood on the West Coast.

Career Paths

Joy Behar has indelibly impacted the comedy, television hosting, and acting industries.

From her early days hosting “Way Off Broadway” on Lifetime Television to her iconic tenure on “The View,” Joy has charmed audiences with her wit and charisma.

Her hosting credits include shows like “The Joy Behar Show” and “Late Night Joy,” making her a television icon.

In contrast, Deidre Behar’s journey in the entertainment industry took a different route.

As a producer and host for Entertainment Tonight, she’s delved into the world of celebrity news and pop culture.

Her work with Defy Media’s Clevver Media showcased her versatility as a host, producer, and writer, creating engaging content for a digital audience.

Besides the successful career of the Behar’s, the two have also found success in their romantic life.

Personal Lives

Beyond their professional success, both Behars have found fulfillment in their personal lives.

After nearly three decades of dating, Joy and her husband, Steve Janowitz, exchanged vows in a private ceremony in New York City.

Similarly, Deidre Behar’s love story with Max Wellman is one to read.

Having known each other since they were nine, their journey from elementary school friends to life partners ended at a wedding in Wailea, Maui.

Their bond, rooted in childhood friendship, blossomed into a lifelong commitment filled with love and laughter.

So, while they share the Behar surname and hosting professions, Deidre and Joy have entirely separate family backgrounds and personal lives, confirming they are not at all related.

In Case You Didn’t Know

  • Deidre Behar was the host of the lifestyle channel GlamBooth TV.
  • Joy Behar was previously a high school teacher.
  • Joy is also an author who has written several books.


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