Voice for Change: David Tennant’s Advocacy for Trans Children and Family

Tennant continues to inspire both on and off the screen

Key Takeaways

  • Tennant has been seen wearing a T-shirt with the phrase ‘leave trans kids alone.’
  • His Tardis pin has even helped raise thousands of pounds for the LGBTQ+ homeless charity, The Albert Kennedy Trust.
  • He prefers to keep his children away from the public eye, rarely sharing their images on social media.

Chiswick, West London: David Tennant, the beloved Doctor Who actor, is not only a renowned figure in the entertainment industry but also a constant supporter of trans rights and a devoted family man.

This article delves into both facets of his life, exploring his advocacy for trans kids and non-binary people and his personal family life.

David Tennant’s Support For Trans Kids And Non-Binary Individuals

In recent years, Tennant has emerged as a passionate advocate for the transgender community, repeatedly expressing his support for trans kids and gender non-conforming people.

His association has been prominently displayed at various events, such as the Proud Nerd convention in Germany.

Here, he engaged in a heartfelt discussion about his relationship with gender expression, reflecting on the evolution of societal understanding of gender identities.

When I was a kid, the idea of being non-binary wasn’t something that existed. It wasn’t a concept. I’ve seen that emerge and people are able to express themselves through that. It only ever seems positive as far as I can see,”

David Tennant

Tennant said during the convention.

His commitment to supporting trans rights extends beyond his public statements.

Tennant has been seen wearing a T-shirt with the phrase ‘leave trans kids alone‘ and frequently sports Pride flag pins, demonstrating his support with the LGBTQ+ community.

His Tardis pin, shaped like Doctor Who’s time-traveling spaceship, has even helped raise thousands of pounds for the LGBTQ+ homeless charity, The Albert Kennedy Trust.

Transitioning To Tennant’s Family Life And Children

Behind his advocacy work, Tenant leads a fulfilling personal life.

He is married to actress Georgia, and together they are parents to five children: Olive, 12; Wilfred, 10; Birdie, 4; and Ty, 22, Georgia’s eldest child from a previous relationship whom Tennant later adopted.

The couple prefers to keep their children away from the public eye, rarely sharing their images on social media.

Tennant has spoken about the importance of maintaining his children’s privacy, stating,

Our kids are lovely, and I think that being a dad is one of the most extraordinary and life-affirming things that can ever happen to you, as well as being something you have to keep working at if you’re going to be any good at it. The kids don’t ask to be photographed when we’re walking down the street, and we’ve decided that if we don’t talk much about them in public, then we can maintain a bit of moral high ground to be able to say to photographers, ‘Look, we don’t talk about them, so you don’t need to take their picture.”

David Tennant

Despite their privacy, the Tennant family has made some waves in the entertainment industry.

Ty has followed in his parents’ footsteps, making his mark in popular productions like H. G. Wells’s War of The Worlds and House Of The Dragon.

The couple’s son Wilfred has also debuted on the small screen, appearing in the BBC soap ‘Casualtyin 2022.

In Case You Didn’t Know

  • David Tennant at school wrote all of his essays about Doctor Who (1963).
  • He treasures a scarf knitted by his aunt during his childhood. Interestingly, Tom Baker wore the same scarf on Doctor Who (1963).
  • Tennant, born David John McDonald, had to legally change his name as per the Screen Actors’ Guild of America rules.
  1. I have nothing but praise for David Tennant. Standing up for transgendered people in the western world these days is a difficult thing and I’m glad he feels enabled to do so. J.K. Rowling is simply a story-teller who has made millions out of producing entertainment for children and young adult, but that doesn’t make her anymore entitled to speak out than anyone else. She hurls abuse at David Tennant and threatens political parties with her vote. I don’t care who she votes for and neither should the politicians. I praise Kier Starmer for standing up on live TV and voicing support for transgender people – changing gender is prolonged process which involves a lot of physical pain and endurance through multiple operations. It is not something someone undergoes on a whim.
    Yes, the whole issue is something that needs to be dealt with carefully, and may require some changes in the law to protect ALL parties but surely, as in all such issues, it much be handled with great sensitivity and understanding and doesn’t require people like Ms Rowling being verbally abusive on social media.


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