The Subtle Facial Changes of Dominique Brown Over The Years

Despite these changes, her inherent beauty and distinctive charm remain unmistakable, showcasing a timeless elegance.

Key Takeaways

  • Dominique’s facial structure has become slightly more angular and defined.
  • Her nose has a straighter and narrower bridge with a subtle upward tilt at the lip.
  • Makeup applications have played a significant role in emphasizing these changes.

Over the years, Nicole Brown Simpson’s sister, Dominique Brown, has undergone a noticeable change in her facial appearance.

While she maintains her distinctive charm, her facial features’ evolution reflects natural and possible plastic surgery.

Here’s a detailed comparison of her past and present facial features.

Dominique’s Changing Facial Structure

In her current appearance, Dominique’s facial structure has become slightly more angular and defined.

Her jawline appears wider, and her cheekbones more prominent, giving her face a sculpted look.

In contrast, her earlier appearance featured softer and more rounded facial features, with a narrower chin and jawline contributing to a youthful appearance.

The Notable Changes In Dominique’s Nose

Dominique Brown is the second youngest among four siblings (Source:

The changes in Dominique’s nose are particularly notable.

Presently, her nose has a straighter and narrower bridge with a subtle upward tilt at the lip, leading to a refined appearance.

Previously, her nose had a slightly wider bridge and a more rounded tip, seamlessly blending with her softer facial features.

Dominique’s Skin Through The Years

A significant difference between her past and present appearances is the texture of Dominique’s skin.

Her present skin exhibits more visible lines and wrinkles, indicating natural aging.

Her skin now shows the signs of maturity, with a lived-in, experienced look.

In contrast, her skin was smoother and more youthful, with fewer visible marks and a more glowing complexion.

From Full To Thin Lips

Dominique Brown, Denise Brown, and Tanya Brown (Source:

Dominique’s lips have also changed over the years.

In her current appearance, her lips are slightly thinner, especially the upper lip, with a subtle downward curve at the corners.

This change contributes to a more sophisticated, perhaps more serious expression.

Previously, her lips were fuller and more voluminous, with a pronounced pout.

The lip shape was straighter across, lacking the downward curve seen in her current appearance.

Dominique Brown’s facial evolution from the past to the present highlights the natural progression of aging combined with possible plastic surgery.

Her current appearance, marked by sharper, more defined features, and visible signs of aging, contrasts with her past softer and more youthful look.

Despite these changes, Dominique’s inherent beauty and distinctive charm remain unmistakable, showcasing a timeless elegance.

In Case You Didn’t Know

  • Nicole Brown’s family has established the “Nicole Brown Foundation” in memory of their daughter and sister to raise awareness awareness and support victims of domestic violence.
  • Nicole and O.J. Simpson welcomed two children together, a daughter named Sydney and a son named Justin.
  1. I think her nose looks terrible..I don’t see a lift at the tip at all and the nostrils really look bad!!

    • The nose looks like it collapsed…a rhinoplasty that went wrong? She was so beautiful at her sister’s wedding….

  2. Poor ..Dominique…plastic surgery not natural looking. Prayers for her as I don’t think she can get this work corrected. He surgeon should retire at best!!!

  3. this article does not answer the question of what happened to her face, why are you people sugar coating the obvious, that she had facial surgery that went horribly wrong, she obviously chose the wrong doctor to do the job, her face looks awful, I’m sorry, but that’s the truth.

    • I agree 💯,she looks horrid and her lips are the worst, she can’t even close her mouth all the way, 😢

      • I totally agree! Her lips are horribly deformed looking. She can’t even pronounce words properly and close her mouth if she’s going to get fillers or Botox, she needs to really tone it down and pump the brakes.

  4. Dominique’s plastic surgeon
    Did a botched up hacked job on her nose. To snubbed and short, and unaligned. Sorry for her, she should have stayed away from drastic plastic surgery . Not an improvement. From a nurse that worked in plastic surgery clinics!

  5. Dominique was such a pretty girl before she did that to her face. She looks deformed. Her nose is smashed in. Why do people do this to themselves???? Reminds me of Michael Jackson!

    • Yes! Looks like MJ! Her lips are super bizarre too. She was pretty before. I was surprised that Faye Reznick looked best out of the older friends of Nicole.

    • Exactly! Me too. It doesnt matter how much money u have either….lots of quacks out there just wanting the $$$$!!! Its aweful. Shame on them!!!

  6. Watching lmn story on Nicole. Stop with plastic surgery! Looks like the lips went terribly wrong. Terrible looking. Natural is still much better. Stay off the plastic

  7. Very sad. She was a beautiful women with lovely features. I hope she sued the surgeon who performed the nose surgery because they ruined her face. She didn’t need any surgery.

  8. She barely looks human.
    Huge lips, eye lifts and she can hardly talk. She looks nothing like she looked before.

  9. She has NO NOSE. What a caricature of a face. What are you trying to prove? And what in the world are you gonna do now that your schnozz has been butchered off?

    • That’s what I noticed when she looked to the side. Looks like her nose is missing. Horrible plastic surgery.

  10. Her lips are too overdone. Slurs her words because of it. Do they not realize how they look worse and not better?

    • Thank goodness there’s always the option to remove whatever they put in her lips. Sometimes the fillers tend to dissipate or the actual implants they put in can be removed. And her nose is horrible. It looks just like Michael Jackson. I’m wondering how she could even breathe? Do beautiful women want to ruin their looks like this?

  11. Horrible ! Why’d she do that to her face! Please stop playing with your face age is beautiful! Look at Denise! She’s gorgeous

  12. I cant believe she was on national tv with those lips. Someone needs to tell her she looks like a clown.

  13. Where is her left nostril? She looks as though she’s been smashed in the face with a cast iron pan! What has this woman done to her face??
    Why does “Lifetime” show her looking that way?

    • Exactly what I thought. Was she in an terrible accident and got smashed in the face. Nope, she screwed herself up. She has NO PROFILE….

  14. Grotesque! Disfigured! Hopefully she is happy with her look. Yet, when I looked at her face, I cringed. So sad that her mouth looks loke a wide mouth Bass. She seems to be a very nice person with a deep love for her family. The Browns and her children have suffered enough with OJ not being found guilty of the murder of Nicole. Never a doubt in my mind he killed her.

  15. Why do these women continue to get plastic surgery and lip injections their faces all look like skeletons . Her sister has no nose left and cannot close her mouth due to size of her lips. Why??? I do not understand wanting to look this way?

  16. She has made a horrible,horrible mistake,when I saw her on the Lifetime show tonight she didn’t even look human,one side of her nose looks closed off and is to short,and those huge lips is so overdone its unreal,she looked better before,now it’s sad to say she looks like picture of “Surgery Gone All wrong”!

  17. Dominique looks ridiculous now. She was a very pretty woman. Too bad she did this horrible plastic surgery job. She can’t even close her lips together now.

  18. Bad plastic surgery is BAD plastic surgery. Dominique Brown looks terrible…she ought to have just let life leave its natural lines and marks on her face. Living with aging gracefully, such as Meryl Streep, is much more beautiful.

  19. She was absolutely STUNNING …. and now she looks freakish! Why did she do this to herself?!?! So so sad🥲 ….

  20. Is it possible she had cancer. I had a friend that did and had to have part of her nose removed, her cheeks and lips disfigured to remove the cancer.

  21. I think that perhaps Dominque had cancer on her nose and had to have it reduced through plastic surgery. From the side her profile is not normal. I doubt she did this on purpose.

  22. Perhaps I’m wrong but I remember hearing that one of Nicole’s sisters was involved in a car accident in 2020. Living in SoCal this type of story doesn’t get nationwide coverage. I’m not certain her appearance is the result of elective, (repeated) cosmetic surgery.


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